Zdeno Chara
Zdeno Chara

Zdeno Chara will be signing a free-agent contract of one-year with the Washington Capitals. Before that, he will be signing off from the Boston Bruins. Chara has been a member of the Boston Bruins for a total of 14 seasons.

The 43-year-old ice hockey defenseman stated that the Boston Bruins had made the decision of heading toward a different direction. And he, who is an unrestricted free agent, was not included in their plan. Chara will now be earning 795,000 USD against Washington’s salary cap.

Zdeno Chara Is Joining The Washington Capitals

Zdeno Chara took to the social media platform, Instagram, to express his opinion on the decision taken by his former team. In the post that he shared; he wrote that he respected the Boston Bruins’ decision. He displayed no hard feelings over the fact that the team was moving forward with a number of talented young players and not him.

He concluded by expressing his gratitude towards the team. Chara directed his message to the Boston people that he was very thankful for the support he received. He also wrote that he will never be able to thank them enough. In his last sentence, he honored both the Boston Bruins and Boston itself.

The player played as a captain of the team in almost 1,023 games. He became a free agent in July, in the year 2006. Zdeno Chara scored a total of 148 goals while his stay on the team. He also made a total of 333 assists. He has also been a plus-240 for the Boston Bruins. The free-agent worked as the captain of the three teams of the Bruins to the finals of the Stanley Cup and won the 2011 championship.

Brian MacLellan, the general manager, and the senior vice president of the Washington Capitals stated that he is happy to have Zdeno Chara as a member of the team.