The stocks of TYME have been downgraded by the analysts working at Zacks Investment Research from a rating of buy to a rating of hold. The research note was then sent out to investors and clients last Friday. 

The Quarterly Earnings of TYME

The shares of this company traded at $1.14 last Friday. The market cap of the company for this quarter was $148.40 million, with a beta of 0.84, and a PE ratio of -5.18. The moving average for the company over 50-days is $1.04, and that of 200-days is $1.13. The year low of the firm was fixed at $0.85, with the year high getting fixed at $2.04. 

The company previously issued their results on their earnings on the 12th of November. The EPS reported by the company for the quarter was $0.05, which was set against the EPS put forward by the analysts at $0.06. Most of the analysts are of the opinion that the stocks of TYME will be posting an EPS of -0.28 in the current year. 

Steve Hoffman, a major shareholder in the firm recently sold 112,500 shares of the company on Wednesday, the 16th of December. The average price at which the stocks were sold was $1.14, with the total transaction amounting to $128.250. The last three months have seen insiders selling off close to 570,251 shares of the company which have been valued at $589,957. 

There have been quite a few hedge funds and institutional investors that have increased their stakes in TYME. Lido Advisors LLC has already purchased a new stake in the company which has been valued at $29,000. Jane Street Group LLC has also secured a new position which has been valued at $44,000. JPMorgan Chase & Co has also increased their position in the company to about 78.7%.