Your Honor Final Episode
Your Honor Final Episode

Your Honor is a Showtime limited series, which ran its final episode yesterday. Michael Desiato, the meticulous Judge from New Orleans, has spun a web of lies. It was all to insulate Adam, his son, in a case of hit and run that resulted in a motorcyclist’s death, named Rocco Baxter. All the lies proved to be too bulky under the web. And it all came tumbling down in the final episode of the series. 

Cranston directed the episode. And his character knew that the only way he could save his son from it all was a trial of murder. Hence, he had it all put on Jimmy Baxter’s other son, Carlo. He had him acquitted for the death of another thug, Kofu Jones, who had taken the murder’s responsibility. But eventually, things became clearer. And everyone began to see that Jones had not done the hit and run. The Judge of Your Honor had Baxter think that it was him and not Adam who had collided the car with the motorcycle that was driven by Rocco. 

The Final Episode Of Your Honor: Conclusion

There were a couple of surprises in the final episode of Your Honor. One of the first was the death of Adam’s mother and Michael’s wife. She was having an extramarital affair. And it helped understand her sudden death a year ago through gunshots. Adam’s hit and run case is also related to it, as it happened when he visited the site, she was shot at. Adam takes the news of the death easily, as he is madly in love with Fia. Michael’s girlfriend is out to seek the truth of the case. She was engaged due to him wanting to control her, but it has gone out of hand. 

Adam forgave his father for the secret of his mother. Michael loses his love interest in Lee as she discovers his lies.