Young Rock
Young Rock

The first episode of ‘Young Rock’ premiered at 8 p.m. on NBC yesterday, February 16th and it is all that people are talking about right now.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson surely has some interesting stories from his childhood that make a great plot for a sitcom. And ‘Young Rock’ is exactly that. What you can expect from the recently premiered show is that you will get a peek into some of the most important moments of ‘the Rock’s’ life.

All the episodes in this show are styled in the form of flashbacks. In the beginning of each episode, the audience will get to see adult Rock recalling a memorable piece from his childhood.

Young Rock Sheds Light On Johnson’s Childhood

Dwayne Johnson’s childhood has been split into three distinct categories. These are mainly three time periods ranging from the early 80s to his time as a college-goer in the 90s. ‘Young Rock’ shows Johnson’s life as a 10-year-old in the early ’80s. In the show, he then gradually moves onto his high-school experience as a young adult.

The show comically situates the Rock as a high-schooler. The show tells the story of the time when he was too grown for his high school and how people assumed that he was a narc. The ‘Young Rock’ series then moves onto the life of Johnson in the University of Miami in the initial years of the 90s. Dwayne used to play for their football team and also won a national tournament while being a part of the University team.

In the show, young Rock is played by Adrian Groulx when he is 10. The actor changes to Bradley Constant at 15 and then to Uli Latukefu in his 20s. The charming wrestler-turned-actor, Johnson plays himself as an adult in the show.