Yep, Starlink Totally Photobombed a Beautiful Image of Comet Neowise

Elon Musk‘s growing constellation of web satellites has actually been sending out streaks of brilliant light throughout night skies around the globe. Even the greatest comet to pass Earth in 25 years wasn’t spared.

A striking image proving Comet Neowise behind those streaks of light reveals how quickly the satellites can upstage observations of far-off things in area.

The satellite task, called Starlink, is Musk’s strategy to blanket Earth in high-speed satellite web. The effort has actually drawn criticism from expert and amateur astronomers, nevertheless, since the brilliant satellites can mar the skies and interrupt telescope observations.

Trail of Starlink satellites in front of CometNeowise (Daniel Lopez)

That’s what occurred to the astrophotographer Daniel López on July 21, when he was shooting Comet Neowise prior to it flies out of view for another 6,800 years. He shared the resulting image on the Facebook page of his photography business, El Cielo de Canarias, stating it was a embarassment to see the satellites make such a phenomenon.

López’s image is a composite of 17 images taken in the period of 30 seconds. Each image was long direct exposure, indicating it recorded the comet over numerous seconds.

The astronomer Julien Girard shared the image on Twitter, stating the satellites had “completely photobombed” the comet.

“Two …

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