It is no surprise that Xiaomi is one of the biggest companies in the world of smartphones. Chances are, therefore, that you must have come across the MIUI, even if you might have hated the very sight of it. 

Let’s just put it this way- you can’t ignore it whatever you do. 

After the 2018 version, which was ripped apart by experts and users alike, Xiaomi has come a long way in bringing out the present version which promises everything, and more. 

A leak recently revealed that Xiaomi had already brought forth the MIUI 12 in an event in China. Quite surprising that the world wasn’t privy to this information. Yet, in times of the COVID-19 global pandemic, who can blame us?

What Are The Features of The New Xiaomi UI? 

The latest model in the Xiaomi universe brings forth several new features. They include a redesigned flatter UI and exiting new animations. It also includes features from MIUI 11, like its improved fonts and system sounds. 

The company claimed that the display screen is extremely smooth, precisely the reason why they installed animated planetary images that would show it off. 

Xiaomi unveils MIUI 12 with flatter UI, improved privacy features, and navigation gestures

For all you Android lovers, you will be appeased by the Android 10 interface and navigation features. 

Barbed Wire, Flare, and Masked System are some of the major turnovers that Xiaomi has brought into its device to increase privacy. Flare will help as a notify icon by marking which active apps are using sensitive information. While Barbed Wire will delete all sensitive information before sending them to any receiver. 

Masked System, as the name implies, gives out false information to any malicious foreign device that might try to break into the device with the intent of hacking or scamming.   

With just $300, Xiaomi 12 is on its way to becoming a hit.