Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus is going to be called Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Next week Xiaomi will commemorate its very first years in the smart device service by revealing 2 brand-new phones – formerly thought to be called the Mi 10 Pro Plus and the Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition.

Today Lei Jun, co-founder and chairman of the business, somewhat raised the drape on the very first phone, exposing that it will in fact be called Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra beyond China, while the working (machine-translated) name for the house market is Mi 10 Supreme Edition.

The executive likewise exposed more information about the inbound phone like schedule and variations. From what we can construct offered our bad understanding of the Chinese language, there will be 2 variations of the Mi 10 Ultra, with the 2nd one being a collector’s edition.

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