Xavier Becerra
Xavier Becerra

In Joe Biden’s new administration, Xavier Becerra will hold the consequential role of Cabinet.

On Monday, Joe Biden picked Xavier Becerra, Attorney General, California for leading the Human and Health Services Department and created additional three House positions for taking an aggressive response against Covid-19.

Becerra has earlier served in the House of Representatives for 12 terms and was a defender of the Act regarding Affordable Care. If this decision gets confirmed, Becerra will be the first Latino leading such a massive department.

Details About Xavier Becerra

He had led the largest justice department in the USA.His experience, negotiating with Republicans for coronavirus treatments and leading legal challenges against opioid manufacturers helped him get the post.

He is the 2nd Latino Cabinet official. Biden has also called upon Dr. Walensky, a leading expert for prevention, treatment, and virus testing.

Becerra was not a contender for this position, so this came as a surprise to many people. Both Michelle Grisham, Governor, New Mexico, and Gina Raimondo, Governor, Rhode Island dropped out of the race for the post. Biden also picked Dr. Murthy and Dr. Fauci as the surgeon general and CMA respectively. Biden is assembling a team with government, crisis management, and public health skills.

Xavier Becerra’s parents came to America from Mexico and Bacerra was the first graduate in his family. He started his career as an attorney providing legal aid to clients with mental health problems.

Biden will face a massive challenge for building confidence among the people for the introduction of new multiple vaccines, especially amidst underserved communities. Trump administration prepared for the vaccine distribution and administration for the first phase. But there is only small federal preparation regarding mass vaccination. So the Joe administration will have to deal with that.

The Human and Health Services Department includes 80,000 employees, eleven operating divisions, eight agencies, and a budget of $1.3 trillion annually. It also includes the CDC, where Walensky will get appointed.