China has seemingly recovered from the novel coronavirus pandemic. The country has even opened up the city of Wuhan where the virus originated. However, the number of fatalities due to the pandemic in Wuhan keeps increasing. The figures have changed again and now, the coronavirus deaths in Wuhan has become over a third than the official death toll recorded. 

The first report of the deaths in Wuhan due to the pandemic was 1,290. They add about 325 confirmed cases more. The recorded cases currently stand at 50,333. The final death toll reported previously was 2579 and it shows a sudden 50% increase of the fatalities. 17th April, the National Health Commission of China revised the previous publication further and added that there have been 3,342 deaths.

Wuhan officials have revised the city's coronavirus death toll up by 50%


According to them, many deaths were not counted during the early stages of the pandemic since many had died at their homes. Plus, the medics were overwhelmed and hence, could not keep count of the fatalities. Previously, experts have wondered how China was testing asymptomatic tests and calling them inaccurate.

The changing figures are only pushing the narrative that China might not be as transparent as they portray themselves to be. Many people, especially the President of the USA have criticized China regarding the lack of transparency.