Westport Fuel System (WPRT) works in alternative fuel components and systems. They manufacture, supply, and engineer these systems for global transportation applications. Their alternative fuel includes liquefied natural gas, electronics, supply chains, liquefied petroleum gas, delayed OEMs, etc. 

Two analysts had predicted that NASDAQ: WPRT would post quarterly earnings of $69.70 million or $69.12 million. Zacks reported the estimate to be $69.41 million. This quarter, last year, the company posted earnings of more than $74.30. Hence, the rate of growth falls an estimated 6.6% this year. On 16th March, WRPT is expected to publish its next quarter’s earnings. 

NASDAQ: WPRT’s yearly earnings:

Several researchers reported that the firm would close the year with a sales figure, $238.01 million. The estimates by analysts are $237.72 million – $238.30 million. Analysts predicted the coming year’s earnings, expecting Westport Fuel to post their sales as $352.32 million. These estimates range, starting at $350.80 million, and the highest being $353.83 million. 

Zack’s estimates for the EPS for NASDAQ: WPRT went on to be $0.04. This was topped by the actual EPS being $0.01. These earnings for the quarter were last announced on the 9th of November. The corporate giant also beat Zack’s estimate of their revenue for the quarter, the estimate being $52.65 million against the earnings of $65.41 million. 

Zack Investment Research also reported a slight plunge in stocks of NASDAQ: WPRT, giving it a rating to be “sold.” The previous tagline shown was to be “bought strongly.” The company’s share’s target price was $2.25. Bidask Club, too lowered the share value of Westport Systems, labeling it as “buy” against the tag of “buy-strongly.” ValuEngine rated the shares of the company as a “hold.”