Wonder Woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Women 1984 brings a new set of surprises for everybody. That “everybody” also includes Diana who hails from the land of Themyscira. There is a new set of villains, the setting is a new time period, and superpowers that have not been seen before.

In Wonder Woman 1984, the Amazon princess can even be seen flying. This is a huge upgrade from what the princess is normally capable of. Everybody is aware of the fact that the princess carried out activities like lassoing, leaping, and running. She also carried out activities like moving across the world while on her invisible jet.

The Secret To Flying In Wonder Woman 1984

Nevertheless, she flies unexpectedly. There is no process or period of harsh training that is shown in the movie. It is almost like it just happens. All it takes is a little knowledge imparted by Steve Trevor. The person tells her about the way an airplane flies in the sky. And Diana delivers the same move. Yes, she copies the mechanism of an airplane with her biological body.

Wonder Woman is known for so many virtues she possesses except for flying. Her durability, her strength, and her fighter spirit. But these come under her regular powers, there is another set of powers that is not that common. She has been witnessed using some kind of a radio powered-by her mental abilities, and can easily on multiple languages. Not only that, but she has also been granted the power to communicate with animals. This was given by Artemis, the goddess. Her power to travel through multiple dimensions by meditating, should also not be ignored.

So, tracing her power to fly, it happened in the 1970s when all her powers had gone. While she rediscovered it, she also came across the ancient technique of the Amazon to make short rides by manipulating air currents. This power is now revealed in Wonder Woman 1984 though there seems to no detailed history given behind her flying.