A Quezon City woman who has tested positive for the novel coronavirus claimed that the news came as an unfortunate surprise since she had remained indoors since 13th March and had no contact with the outside world. 

Jaye de la Cruz-Bekema was taken to St. Luke’s Medical Center on 25th April after she had a miscarriage. She had 4 months left until the birth of her baby.

As a formality, she had to take the swab test. The swab test revealed that she was tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

According to her Facebook post, when she was getting tested, she told the nurse, “I’m sure I’m negative because I never left the house since March 13 and I have had zero contact with the outside world.”

The confirmation of the virus was quite sudden for her. The test results came after 3-5 days and was a shock to her.

Bekema is Senator Risa Hontiveros’ chief legislative officer and it was on March 12th when she had last been outside for a meeting.

On a Facebook post, she stated, “Our limited testing capacity only allows us to test those with symptoms and those with exposure, or those like me with a medical emergency. If I didn’t have a medical emergency, I would not be qualified for testing. If I can be positive — me who never went to any grocery and who was a paranoid pregnant germophobe — can you imagine how many asymptomatic carriers are out there?”

Metro Manila has been under lockdown for a long time and Bekema claimed she followed the rules quite strictly and kept herself locked in her house since the orders. 

As of now, self-quarantine orders take around 14 days or 2 weeks. She and her family are reportedly awaiting the government’s direction on self-quarantine protocols.

Bekema is currently asymptomatic. Her family members too have been tested and are currently awaiting results.

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