Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon

The full moon from the month of January is known to the world as Wolf Moon. It will be visible on the 28th of January that is on Thursday.

On an above-mentioned day, there will be a full moon in the sky. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has released information on this. According to them, the fullest wolf moon will be visible sharply at 2:16 p.m. EST. This will take place for an instance. Like any other cycle of a full moon, the moon will be making its appearance for a total of three days. It will begin on Wednesday and last till the morning of Saturday.

Wolf Moon On A Cloudy Sky?

It is said the wolf will be a very bright one which will be visible by just a gaze towards the sky. However, there has to be a clear sky. One can be able to do some spotting of the features of the lunar body, but there have to be the right instruments to do so, like a telescope or binoculars. If there is one, then the viewers can be lucky enough to witness the Copernicus Crater or the Seas of Tranquility of the moon.

In case there happens to be an unfortunate incident like a cloudy sky, one can take advantage of the virtual moon tour. This is possible with the Moon Trek. The Moon Trek falls under the management of the laboratory of the Jet Propulsion of NASA. The same is situated in the city of Pasadena which is in the state of California.

There is the Virtual Telescope Project made available for the ones who want to see the wolf moon. It is a free webcast and begins on the morning of Thursday at 10:45 a.m. EST. the service is run by Gianluca Masi, an astrophysicist from Italy.