On Tuesday, the wireless industry requested President Trump not to endorse any claims to nationalize the infrastructure for a 5G network. This came right after Pentagon’s recent engagements with the telecommunications giants.

Wireless telecommunication groups suggest that a move to nationalize 5G network would be damaging to the investment and innovation by the private sector in the communications department that has been going on for more than a century.

This was mentioned in a letter whose signatories were seven such wireless telecommunications groups. This included The Wireless Association, The Rural Broadband Association and the Internet and Telephone Association.

Wireless Industry Seeks Fair, Competitive Market

As more and more smartphone companies are launching 5G phones, the nation is looking forward to a complete infrastructural set-up for 5G network connectivity. But wireless telecommunications associations mention in the letter submitted to President Trump that a competitive free market needs to be established instead of nationalizing the 5G network immediately.

They further wrote that for American communications networks to continue with their rank of gold standard internationally, they need to maintain this competition. 5G networks should continue on a private-sector deployment basis at least temporarily.

Pentagon Pushes For National 5G Network

This goes against the Pentagon’s suggestion towards a national 5G network. Two top Democrats, on Friday, launched an inquiry into the nation’s Defense Department’s potential steps to nationalize 5G. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. along with Rep. Mike Doyle sought details about a Request For Information (RFI) from the Pentagon after the Pentagon asked for inputs from several wireless carriers.