William Barr
William Barr

William Barr, the Attorney-General spread the news of his resignation this Monday. he said that he would be doing so in the coming week.

Barr had been the legal guardian and messenger of the administration of President Trump for a couple of years. The news about the resignation broke out just after Joe Biden was formally declared to be the President of the US after the counting was completed by the Electoral College.

Reasons For William Barr’s Resignation 

Donald Trump took over the social media platform to make the announcement of the news. He let the world know about William Barr’s resignation over Twitter. The relationship between Trump and Barr was not at its best. This was something well known by the public as well. However, Trump still displayed his goodwill over this decision as well as on their relationship, over Twitter.

Trump also made announcements about the one who would take the place of Barr. He called out the name of Jeff Reson who was the Deputy Attorney General. Reson would now be the acting Attorney General. Richard Donoghue would swear in as the Deputy Attorney General.

Though Trump’s post over Twitter looked unproblematic, the case was otherwise. People who were well aware of the matter said that Trump was considering the idea of firing his Attorney General. However, this was not what officials supported. They carried a contradicting view regarding the fact that Barr would be dismissed this soon.

The reason why Trump was not firing Barr was due to the aides. According to them, the relationship between the President and the Attorney General had deteriorated. The officials were already informed by Trump about the firing this Friday. and he seemed to have stuck to his decision since then.

Despite all these, an official from the White House gave a very contradicting statement. It was stated that William Barr was not forced out of his position.