Will Smith
Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the biggest names in entertainment history. He is a great actor and has a worldwide fanbase. Will has a unique style of acting that makes him stand out from the rest.

The actor has acted in some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. He has been ably appreciated and received a lot of accolades for his acting prowess. However, things do not seem to be okay with Smith.

He has been involved in one of the biggest controversies of recent times. Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith appeared for the recently concluded Oscars. While anchoring the show, the host, Chris Rock made continuous jokes about Jada.

This angered Will Smith significantly. What followed was a shocker for both Chris Rock and the audience. Will walked up to Rock and slapped him hard on the face. He also warned him not to say any further words about his wife.

However, Will felt guilty about his actions and decided to resign from the Academy. Let us learn more details about the story below. 

Will Smith Apologizes For His Actions 

Will Smith has stated that he is extremely sorry for what he did at the Oscars. Smith stated that the slap happened in a heat of the moment.

After the slap, he immediately realized his mistake. Smith stated that he felt pained to have done that publicly. 

Will Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Pictures. The actor has also stated that he is ready for all sorts of punishment from the academy.

Will is also ready to give up his Oscar award if he needed to. Smith has repeatedly apologized to Chris Rock after the incident five days ago.