At a conference conducted online, the World Health Organization, warned countries of devastating effects if the lockdown restrictions were eased without due precaution. 

As the pandemic continues to overwhelm us all, many countries have decided to lift lockdowns in view of the failing economy. 

Takeshi Kasai, WHO’s regional director for the Western Pacific said on Tuesday that it is imperative for everyone to get used to this new normal of maintaining physical distancing and practicing self-isolation till a solution can be ground for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He further added that the prevention measures are effective and that everyone should continue to follow them until a vaccine is found. 

Dr. Kasai said, “This is not the time to be lax. Instead, we need to ready ourselves for a new way of living for the foreseeable future”

He also warned of a possible resurgence of the illness of the restrictions are eased before time.