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White House

Immediate actions are being taken by some White House members as a protest against the infamous Capitol violations. Some of the staffers have already started giving their respective resignation letters just 14 days before the administration of President Donald Trump is scheduled to vacate the capital, Washington DC.

The resignation comes as a defiance of the US Capitol breach by the pro-Trump citizens that took place this Wednesday. All this issue took place following the speech that was delivered by President Donald Trump.

White House Loses Three Important Women

The ones to resign are three members who hold an important position in the White House. They are Sarah Matthews, Stephanie Grisham, and Rickie Niceta. Matthews is the secretary of the Deputy Press of the White House. Grisham is the Chief of Staff of the East Wing of the White House and Niceta is the social secretary. All of them submitted their letters of resignation due to the mobbing of the US Capitol by the supporters of President Trump. There has been no comment made by the White House yet following the resignation of the three women.

The root cause of the violence that broke out was in order to prevent the US Congress from certifying the votes of the Electoral College. This would lead to the official affirmation of the 2020 presidential election win of Joe Biden, the President-elect of the USA. All this originates from the fear of President Trump from leaving the White House.

According to the reports that came out on Thursday morning, another significant member had already resigned. It was Matt Pottinger, the deputy advisor for national security. He resigned on Wednesday, the same day when the undemocratic Capitol violence eruption took place.

Pottinger was followed by the former chief of staff of President Trump resigning from the post. It was Mick Mulvaney, who was also Northern Ireland’s special envoy. He submitted his resignation letter this Thursday. According to sources, Mulvaney stated that he could not stay there anymore following the disgraceful act of violence.