Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The government of the United States of America will have to final on the second relief package to tackle the Coronavirus situation in the country, as soon as possible. This brings us to the question of the status and the availability of the stimulus check 2. There are chances that the amount of the checks might be lesser.

Stimulus Check 2- Amount And The Date Of Arrival

There is a possibility that the legislators will be done with the passage of the stimulus check 2 before the Senate breaks for the holidays, that is on the 18th of December. Nevertheless, according to economists, there is no chance that the amount sanctioned will be anywhere near the other aids. These include the Coronavirus Relief Aid that was of 2.2trillion USD dollar and the new law from the month of March 2019, the Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act that granted 1,200 USD dollar checks to the receivers.

There is a high chance that there will not be another 1200 USD  stimulus check 2 provided after this one. The next one will only be made available in the first week of January when Congress begins its new session. There are new stimulus proposals, each from the group of lawyers from both the parties and from Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the Senate. Both of the proposals provide funding for unemployment aid as well as other things. But it does not provide any money for making direct payments to the citizens of the US.

According to the analysis of the Wall Street experts, there is a fat chance for a deal within December. The reason for this is because the Height Securities has jumped from 50% to 75%. The experts are also doubtful about the existence of stimulus checks in the packages in the future. This is because there might be an unemployment benefits extension and aid for businesses through the Height Securities and Paycheck Protection Program.