WhatsApp adds animated stickers, QR codes, and dark mode for web

WhatsApp is adding some new features to its simple yet incredibly popular apps. One of these is animated stickers. While hugely popular on several other messaging platforms like Telegram, iMessage, and WeChat, WhatsApp has only had very basic sticker support. WhatsApp will be rolling out its own animated sticker packs, which will be available from within the app.

Another new feature is QR codes for profiles. Each account now has its own QR code, rendering it easy to scan someone’s code to add them as a contact rather than manually entering their number. Again, this feature ‘s been around for some time, including on other Facebook services, but WhatsApp only got around to adding it.

Group video calls are also improved. Now when you are in a group video you can just tap on the video of a participant to maximise their video. And if your group chat has 8 or fewer participants, you can start an organization chat with only one click since 8 may be the maximum participants WhatsApp supports in one group call.

The web version of WhatsApp is also gaining support for dark mode to match the app. And finally, those on KaiOS devices are now able to also access the Status feature, that is WhatsApp’s version of stories.

Dark mode for desktop, group video call improvements, and status in KaiOS are now actually rolling out while animates stickers and QR codes for profiles will be to arrive a few weeks.


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