Many viewers contacted by calling and emailing First Coast News on Thursday evening to ask about what they saw overhead: a streak of lights moving in the dark sky at a constant pace.

“They looked like stars, but they were in a straight line formation moving through the sky. Too high for helicopters I think plus no noise. They could have been planes, but seemed to he moving slowly from our perspective,” a viewer from Nocatee stated

It cleared out that the floating lights were not UFOs (though it would not be the first time UFOs have been in the news in the same week). It’s a line of satellites SpaceX launched them on Wednesday, as a part of its Starlink satellite plan.

Until now, the satellites are clustered together at a lower height, yet they keep on rising to their final destination about 340 miles over the surface of the earth, they will expand and become invisible gradually.

What were those strange lights in the First Coast sky Thursday night?

From this week, more than 400 of these satellites have been launched by SpaceX. In the end, the company expects to have more than 40,000 satellites to beam back affordable internet income across the world.

Leaders of the company hope the program for the new internet service provider will be accessible in the US and Canada by the end of this year. SpaceX stated that the satellites will transport high-speed broadband internet to areas where internet access has been bad, unaffordable, or completely unavailable.