MLB negotiations have come to an impasse. The players were initially given the offer of 60 games at full payment. The meeting with Tony Clark, the MLB Players Association Chief, seemed hopeful. However, there was resistance from their side and a proposal of 70 games was made. The deal was, however, rejected by the owners. 

An agreement is important for the sport to thrive. Everyone needs to arrive at the middle ground, even if that means offering more games. Even an imperfect agreement would suffice.

Coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on training and games for the most part of 2020. Chances are a new agreement might not even work out due to the infection. 

It is, however, the need of the hour to try a little harder. To reach out to the union and strike a deal. Without an agreement, the business won’t grow. The business has to be rebuilt after the long hiatus.

While it may seem like there is an option. It is rather nuclear and must be avoided at all costs.

Forcing the players to join on the basis of the agreement of March 26 is not the best option. Especially since a number of safety and health protocols have to be followed. In fact, instead of a good season, there might just be a drawn-out farce. 

Every effort should be made to ensure that 2021 becomes successful. Even if that means spending more money that people are willing to right now.