Answer: We do not know.

A vaccine can be nice, nevertheless it will take at the very least a 12 months to a 12 months and a half.

Hopefully we’ll discover one thing prior to that to stop Covid-19, or to deal with it. Those trials are underway.

At some level, herd immunity will come into play, however that will additionally take some time, since nonetheless the overwhelming majority of Americans do not have antibodies and subsequently are weak to Covid-19.

One of the neatest issues I ever heard anybody say about Covid-19 is that we do not know what we do not know.

Viruses shock us.

Who knew that Zika could possibly be transmitted sexually? Who knew that Ebola can linger in individuals’s eyes? We do not know if Covid-19 is seasonal, just like the flu. (And bear in mind — the flu would not disappear in hotter climate; the numbers simply drop dramatically.)

We do not know if Covid-19 will return within the fall. This is a brand new virus and it is educating us what it is and what it will do.

We do not know when this will finish. But this is what I hope: We are a greater, kinder and stronger group of individuals.

Hopefully there will be a vaccine and new therapies in a number of months — this will assist each deal with people who find themselves sick and stop individuals from getting sick.

There’s nonetheless quite a bit that we have to find out about this virus — why does it strike some individuals so severely and never others?

What interplay do our genes have on this virus? Why is it some circumstances appear to make this illness a lot worse? But I do know that as a way to get via this we have to work collectively and hopefully that effort will be the lasting legacy.

Transition methods and what comes subsequent

Dr. Mike Ryan, government director of the World Health Organization well being emergencies program, spoke Friday about getting from the disaster to the post-crisis.

Ryan talked about “transition strategies” and mentioned every nation wants a powerful public well being structure, a large funding in our capability to do surveillance, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine, and a strong data system so that folks know what to do and the place to go if they’re sick.

“And if we do that, we have a chance of transitioning back into a life, and economic and social life, that may, in some senses, not be the same again, maybe a more caring, engaged society with a better health care system, with better universal access to health care, with more social justice, and more care for each other, and that won’t be a bad society to go back to.”

“We don’t want to end up in a cycle of lockdown, followed by release, followed by another lockdown, followed by release. That’s not the way forward. And the way to avoid that is we need a transition strategy that gets us back into more control of the virus. We need to get ahead of the virus.”

Get prepared for some artistic options

Proof of immunity — There are different concepts gaining traction. In the UK, they’re contemplating the potential for “immunity passports” — individuals who have recovered from the illness would primarily get papers to return to work.

One main challenge right here: It’s unknown how lengthy immunity will final after an individual recovers from Covid-19.

And testing, as we all know, is imperfect. It won’t be doable to ensure immunity.

But actually there will quickly be a military of people that have recovered from Covid-19 and wish to return to a functioning society.

The pondering will change — It’s by no means been extra clear that well being specialists and the federal government are guessing about issues too.

While they’ve lengthy mentioned that solely individuals with signs must be examined, it is the nations that engaged in massive quantities of testing which have fared greatest.

First, they mentioned to not cowl your face. Now that may change to completely the opposite.

The CDC used to say there was no proof that college closures would sluggish the unfold. But practically each American faculty child is dwelling now.

More everlasting lockdown — In China, there are color-coded telephones for the federal government to observe the place individuals go and, additionally, to implement quarantine on sure areas.

Related: Read this essay by an American lady who has emerged from quarantine in China, but says “normal” isn’t normal there anymore.

What about China — On the one hand, they seem to have turned the nook on the coronavirus.

Strict restrictions there are beginning to be relaxed. But the information popping out of China maybe cannot be trusted.

Speed learn

Jared Kushner is taking on a bigger role in the coronavirus response. So we have that going for us.
CNN’s KFile studies that high administration officers mentioned final 12 months that the threat of a pandemic was keeping them up at night.
A key portion of the huge authorities help bundle is $350 billion in “forgivable” small business loans, but they’re not yet going out. Neither the federal government nor the banking trade is at present geared up to get that type of money out the door.
There’s a world war for personal protective gear and masks going on. It’s not good. China, France and the US (at the very least) are concerned.

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