The love story of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge has us swooning. A handsome prince and a beautiful Duchess with a heart of gold are exactly what fairytales are made of.

Prince William was in Scotland, pursuing his higher education at the prestigious University of Saint Andrew’s when Kate caught his eye. They initially started as friends. Eventually, their love story started taking shape.

Between the friendship and the relationship, there was a moment of sheer epiphany for Prince William when he realized how much he liked Kate. It happened during a fashion show for charity where Kate walked in a stunning sheer dress. William was spellbound and suddenly became aware of how besotted he is of Kate.


Of course, like any other relationship, theirs too had their fair share of hardships and a fair number of breakups too! While Kate wasn’t used to the attention and the endless strings of photographers and media. She handled everything with grace. After many years of relationship, they got married in April 2011. It was a beautiful and extravagant ceremony that took place in Westminster Abbey.

Over the years they have shown us how perfect they are for each other. Even their sense of humor is complementary–Kate’s naughtiness pairs well with William’s dry wit. They never shy away from saying lovely things about one another. The fact they are so appreciative of each other goes on to show how much they belong together.