Among all the other artists who are slamming Grammys, the most recent to do so is Halsey. She called out the Grammy nomination officials for being non-transparent, and not genuine enough. She is not the only one to do so. The Recording Academy had been slammed by pop-star, The Weekend, a few days ago.

Reasons For Halsey To Slam The Grammy

Both Halsey and the Weekend was not included in this year’s nominee’s list for the Grammys. This led them to take on the issue. 

The 26-year-old singer took to the social media platform, Instagram, on Saturday, to share her side of the story. In her Instagram story, Halsey wrote that she was carefully willing to choose her words. She stated that the Recording Academy is not as transparent and genuine enough because you need to be on terms with the “right people” if you want to get nominated. The nomination system is not quality-based. It is more dependent on what happens behind the scenes and takes right-handshakes, made with the right people, to get highlighted.

She further mentioned that since the nomination list for the Grammys came out, she has been receiving a lot of apologies and sympathy from different people.

This is not it. Halsey also reported that what mattered was, generating millions of dollars for the Academy by advertising on the night of the award show. This was to be done by performing over the television. So, it was not always about the quality of the music. 

The singer had previously been nominated twice for the Grammys and she mentioned that there is more transparency involved in the nomination process in the days to come.

Halsey concluded by speaking up for The Weekend, a fellow pop star, and Manic saying that they deserved better.