In an interview regarding the news of a cruise ship carrying coronavirus RNA even after 17 days, Dr. Julia Marcus and Dr. Akiko Iwasaki discussed the lifespan of the novel coronavirus.

The cruise ship Diamond Princess is said to have been carrying RNA of the virus even after 17 days. But as per experts, it’s just some components of the virus that survived and it is no more infectious. They also mentioned that the longevity of the virus is different on different surfaces. While on cardboard, it can survive for only 24 hours, in case it’s steel or plastic, the virus will make it to 72 hours as well. 

However, with time the virus will decrease in size, which means that there will be less chance of getting infected. 

There are also chances of coming in contact with the virus while getting groceries or while traveling on public transports. But experts assure that at least a cluster of 10 virus particles is needed to infect a person. That is the reason why the number of spreads through close contact with a patient is more than through contaminated surfaces.