State Farm in Glendale is all set to host the Cardinals after the 49ers of San Francisco have been assigned with great expectations by the audience to witness the practice session as well as the main match outside their home ground at the stadium.

This decision of changing the venue of the match against the Cardinals from the county of Santa Cara to Glendale has resulted in the ousting of the team from their home ground for a period of almost two weeks at the beginning of the month of December.

On the morning of 30th December, Monday, an announcement was made by the NFL stating the 16th game of Niners Week that is alongside the Cardinals of Arizona is now postponed to 26th of December, Sunday that will be a part of the triple-header. This match can be watched on various local broadcasting channels like NBC, Twitch, as well as Amazon.

Cardinals Game

Along with emerging as the winners of the 49ers held on 29th December, Sunday and the loss of Tampa Bay and Arizona, the game of 49ers is the game that has a vacant spot for the playoffs of the NFC finals.

The Bears and Vikings are currently standing at 5-6. Yet both the teams do not look too good at the present moment and chances are quite slim.

On the other hand, the Cardinals come across as a strong team who constantly miss their chances due to their own faults.

If the Cardinals intend to win Arizona, they must defeat the Rams next week at their home.

The Week-16 game will be having severe implications on the important upcoming playoffs.