On Saturday night Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello collaborated for a “What a Wonderful World” cover, which is no doubt the most famous song in Louis Armstrong’s classic 1967.

Both of them sat intently together behind a piano, with Shawn playing and Camila working her Fifth Harmony hand motions. And keeping in mind that they were strong when exchanging stanzas, the tune truly lifted when they fit on the tunes, his alto holding down the low end while her higher voice hurled the tune high. The two youthful vocalists did a deferential and expert rendition of a tune that may be more seasoned than both of them set up.

While “Together at Home” is not a conventional fundraising event, the Global Citizen website identifies several ways viewers can get involved:

Its “Take Action” site includes multiple ways people can make their voices heard and donate money here

Its Regional Response Partners provides links to many organizations Global Citizen is highlighting for the work they do in their communities:

At Global Citizen, we perceive these extraordinary occasions call for remarkable organizations. That is the reason, through One World: Together At Home, we’re empowering our corporate and altruistic accomplices to help worldwide reaction endeavors through the World Health Organization just as local and nearby reaction endeavors to guarantee reserves are likewise coordinated to networks managing the impacts of COVID-19.