The popular Rob Schneider slogan from his big-screen coordinated efforts with Adam Sandler took on new significance during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair showed up in Pete Davidson’s natively constructed music video for “Stuck in the House,” which publicized on Saturday Night Live second “At Home” version about the tedium they’re encountering while self-quarantine.

“I’m stuck in the quar got nothing to do. I miss my friends, they miss me too,” Davidson sings. “Sick of watching shows and talking on Zoom.”

Davidson’s part of the video was created by his mother Amy Davidson, who additionally showed up nearby her little girl Casey. Sandler’s recording credits his little girls Sunny, 11, and Sadie, 13, as makers, who additionally showed up in the music video with their mother Jackie.

“I broke my leg two weeks ago but I’m too scared to go to the hospital,” Sandler raps. “Never go outside cause I might see my neighbor. Using both sides of my toilet paper.”

He included, “Miss NBA and I miss Rob Schneider.”

Simply at that point, Schneider shows up at his front entryway thumping and shouting “You can do it!” yet Sandler wouldn’t let him inside.

The Sandler family shut the spoof video with a message of appreciation for specialists on call.

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