We have actually checked out an extremely thorough account of Amber Heard‘s variation of what occurred to Johnny Depp‘s hand. But his insurance claim, in which she cut the idea of his ideal center finger by tossing a container at him, has actually constantly been a bit much less clear to us.

But in a video clip of a 2018 deposition, freshly launched by DailyMail.com, Johnny provides a much more brilliant summary of his injury and also specifically just how, he claims, he obtained it.

Just as troubling, if real, is listening to Johnny describe needing to exist regarding his finger injury at the time “to protect” Amber.

Video: Watch Amber Respond To Audio In Which She Admits To Hitting Him

During the statement, which belonged to a different lawful disagreement with a previous lawyer, Johnny defines exactly how he informed individuals he had actually been harmed:

“Basically I had a pretty nasty injury that I actually had to protect her at the time. And so I said that it was caught in the door in these huge accordion doors at this house, that wasn’t the case at all.”

Hmm That’s not the tale that headed out to journalism. Honestly we hardly remember this from the moment as it had not been all that significant or stunning. But obviously the Public Relations individuals– that needed to claim something after shooting on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales needed to be closed down momentarily– described Johnny damaged his wrist while go-kart auto racing on MotoGP globe champ Mick Doohan‘s personal track in March2015 Other much less detailed reports from around the moment really did not attempt to describe exactly how he obtained the injury, simply describing the degree of it, that he required a pin placed right into his finger. (Innerestingly nearly all of the preliminary coverage of that tale has actually given that been taken offline.)

We have no suggestion to whom he was informing the caught-in-a-door tale. But in the depo he after that defines the occasions he currently declares took his fingertip:

“She smashed, she threw a vodka bottle at me and my, my hand was resting on the marble of the bar like that. The first bottle went whoosh just past my ear. And the second one was a larger bottle and she threw it from about this distance and it smashed into the bar, which, this finger who I now call ‘Little Richard’, was, the tip of the finger was severed and all the bone in here was completely shattered, and it looked like Vesuvius.”

A volcano of gore. That is a psychological image alright. Yeesh.

The very first time we saw the finger in public, in addition to when it was hidden throughout the last days of shooting on Pirates, went to the best of Black Mass at the BFI London Film Festival in October2015 It was recovered yet never ever the exact same.

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Depp takes place to claim he needed to fly to Los Angeles for surgical procedure and after that hang around recovering due to the fact that he “didn’t want to lose the finger”:

“I got infectons, I ended up with MRSA twice. It’s very complicated. I was trying to just get the finger back, you know. And then deal with the insanity of having had my finger chopped off by this woman that I was married to.”

The legal representative after that asks Johnny regarding Amber’s side, and also he reacts:

“She claims that I did it myself, yes. By punching a wall surface I tell you, I wish to see the responses from researchers, I suggest, doctors, that recognize with this kind of injury, this kind of point, due to the fact that I would certainly like to see her describe exactly how somebody strikes a wall surface and also if they place their clenched fist with it, its completely dry wall surface or something.”

She in fact declares he held a phone and also shattered that versus the wall surface to obtain the injury. She additionally claims he dipped the damaged finger blue paint and also composed on a mirror “Easy Amber” and also “Starring Billy Bob” (of Billy Bob Thornton, her previous co-star with whom he presumably charged her of having an event). On that component a minimum of, the tales correspond, as Johnny does not challenge the “finger painting” post-injury. As for the remainder? Nothing alike. What will a court claim? What do YOU assume??

Watch the troubling minute from Johnny’s deposition (listed below):

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