On Saturday, the Washington Redskins released a statement saying that the late legendary Bobby Mitchell’s jersey will be put to rest. 

Bobby Mitchell was the team’s first African American player. The Washington organization has also stated that they intend to rename the stadium’s lower level to honor Michell, which was earlier named after Marshall, the founder of the team. 

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins, explained Saturday that the jersey will be retired because there was no one equally deserving of the jersey. He added that Mitchell was the most inspiring member the team had ever seen. 

Snyder further added that Mitchell’s generosity did not only influence the league, but it extended to his community as well, through his charitable acts. 

Bobby Mitchell’s jersey number was 49, no one from the team will wear this number again. This is the second time a jersey number has been retired in the history of the team. 

The decision follows the demolition of George Preston Marshall’s statue by BLM protestors. Marshal is the team’s founding father. He gained notoriety after he refused to take any Black players until he was forced by the law. 

The legendary player’s family put out a statement on Saturday lauding the move. 

The late player’s daughter, Terri Mitchell said that Bobby Mitchell would have been proud and humbled by the honor.