The Washington Post faces criticism as some claim victim-blaming.

Tara Reade recently came out with an allegation of sexual misconduct against Joe Biden, the Democrat Presidential Candidate. The event was noted in 1993 and Reade seems to have much corroborating evidence. 

One such evidence is a clip from 1993 “Larry King Live” where Reade’s mother called the show anonymously and said that she had an issue with the senator who featured in that show. Tara Reade, in her current allegations, has brought these issues to the front.

Blaming Trump Allies For Supporting Tara Reade

The Washington Post published an article some days back on the issue. According to the post, Trump’s allies were trying to exaggerate the entire situation which has not been proven yet. 

The original headline of the article raised many eyebrows. It read, “Developments in allegations against Biden amplify efforts to question his behavior.”

Some have accused The Washington Post of victim-blaming Tara Reade. 

In support of these claims, the newspaper cited Donald Trump Jr. and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell’s old tweets and said that these allegations should be scrutinized in the same way that the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were scrutinized.

The report has since exploded all over the internet. Many have started questioning the veracity of The Washington Post. Netizens claim a clear change in tune by The Post as the newspaper had been quite active during the Brett Kavanaugh proceedings and had consistently pushed for the investigations to take place. 

Executive editor of the Washington Examiner, Seth Mandel, announced on Twitter, “As an editor, I regard this headline as a hate crime and I will be pressing charges first thing in the morning.”

 Biden’s manager has come out and stated that the allegations are a bunch of lies. He said, “What is clear about this claim: it is untrue. This absolutely did not happen.”

Biden is yet to defend himself against the allegations.

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