WandaVision has had several uplifting moments, that has not only gained massive critical acclaim, but also a huge audience. The Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been treated with the series best show yet, setting the bar for several other shows that are yet to be broadcasted under the Phase. In the latest episode, Wanda, the spinstress tells her two young twin boys that death cannot be reversed, it doesn’t matter “how sad” death may make someone. And that is true, even in the Marvel Universe— to some extent. 

At this point, not just by WandaVision, but also by the comics, we are aware of how Wanda can bring dead people back. At least in an altered form of reality. That’s how we assume Vision is back alive, or is just a robotic corpse, being handled like a puppet. But there are more things that have not only creeped fans out, but also Wanda Maximoff. A new actor, not known to the MCU, but to X-Men has come to the screen. But as a known, dead character. Or we presume he is dead, or like Vision is being played. Nothing is sure yet. 

The Return Of Quicksilver in WandaVision

In WandaVision, if the scarlet witch’s beau can come back to life, why not her brother, Pietro as well? But that isn’t the problem— the character’s return was expected in the Universe. The question is, why have the actors changed? Aaron-Taylor Johnson played the character with Elizabeth Olsen in the Age Of Ultron film. But here, we have Evan Peters (who played the same role in the X-Men films) returning as Wanda’s sidekick brother. 

Is this brother real, or is he fake— allegedly like Wanda’s world? Or is he the real one? Because even Wanda seemed confused with his appearance. Although the new quicksilver remembered his sister well, her reaction makes us think even more. It seems that she is about to become the biggest bad the MCU has had so far. But there are also speculations that all of this is being forced on her.