There have been analysts who have expected that the stocks of IDXX would be reporting an EPS of $1.43. According to reports, three of the analysts have provided myriad estimates into the earnings of the company, with the lowest range coming in at $1.37, and the upper limit coming at $1.49. The company previously posted an EPS of $1.04 the previous year, so this indicates a positive annual growth rate of about 37.5%. The next quarterly report for the company would be posted on the 2nd of February. 

The Quarterly Estimates of IDXX

IDXX previously reported the quarterly report on the 29th of October. The EPS reported by the company for that quarter was $1.69, which was more than the consensus estimate of about $1.42. The revenue generated by IDXX for the quarter was $721.79 million, which was comprehensively more than the analysts’ sum of $672.48 million. The company has a 198.91% return on its equity, along with a 19.20% net margin. 

The stocks of IDXX traded on Friday at $3.58. The company has a 1.93 debt-to-equity ratio, along with a 1.65 current ratio. The moving average of the firm over 50 days is $485.67, although the moving average price of the company over a course of 200 days is $420.16. The year low of IDEXX Laboratories is $168.65, with a year high of about $516.85. The company has a $42.04 billion market cap, with an 85.86 PE ratio, and a 0.88 beta. 

Many investors have already decided to modify the company holdings. Engineers Gate Manager LP recently purchased a position in the company worth a sum of $373,000. Spencer Asset Management also increased their share positions at IDXX in the third quarter.