The United Kingdom Tuesday announced that they wouldn’t be implementing the Coronavirus tracking app that Apple and Google have brought forth to combat the global pandemic. 

Their main problem is reportedly the timing, as Matthew Gould of the NHSX- the innovation arm of Britain’s medical system mentioned in the House of Commons. 

What Is The Utility of a Coronavirus Tracking App? 

A coronavirus tracking app helps one be aware of their surroundings and maintain social distancing according to protocol. The app will sit on the user’s Bluetooth and will inform the user of any infected people near them. In the event that you are in close proximity to a coronavirus patient, the app would suggest you to self-isolate. 

The two tech giants have been working in tandem to build several platforms that would allow these apps to come to the market. Unfortunately, not every country has shown a willingness in letting the privacy of its citizens be out in the open for people to scrutinize. 

Germany, along with the UK has shown no interest in using this coronavirus tracking app. 

Another reason why Gould is unwilling to accede to the American tech giants is that the UK is building its own coronavirus tracking app to combat the pandemic in their country. The app has been in the works since March, and Gould believes they are ready for prototypes. 

Whether they are ready for a wider mass is yet to be seen. 

Gould also believes that while the British companies are working in sync with the American companies, it would take some time before the American companies bring their apps to the market.

“Waiting for them would slow us down quite considerably,” he said. 

Google and Apple are yet to comment on the latest developments.