Von Miller
Von Miller

Von Miller, the linebacker of the Denver Broncos, the Denver-based franchise of American football, is in trouble. He is currently being investigated by the police of Colorado.

The Denver, south-east suburb police gave confirmation on this news. This happened on Friday. there was a statement given by them with regard to the case of Von Miller. They made it known that the charges would be forwarded to the office of the DA, for further review. This would be done in case the investigation that is being carried out, points towards the occurrence of crime.

Broncos On Von Miller

There was a statement that came from the faculty of the Denver Broncos, with regard to the case of Von Miller. It was said that they were perfectly aware of the current situation. They also added that they were making efforts to look for more information following the case. Von Miller, too, was asked to speak on the matter. however, there was no statement that came from him. No decision is being looked forward to, currently, with regard to the fact that if it is the police who will be filing for the charges against the Denver Broncos linebacker.

Since the year 2013, the player has not in touch with off-the-field issues. This took place when he was found suspended for a total of six games, owing to the fact that he violated the policy of substance abuse of the league. Von Miller also had a warrant of arrest issued against him. This was in the summer, due to his failure in appearing in the court for numerous violations related to traffic.

Von Miller gave a statement in August, following the incidents that took place in 2013. He said that whatever happened then, caused him to look into himself and his abilities.