Numerous states are starting to reopen after long periods of stay-at-home restrictions because of coronavirus.

Virtual Pride events offer new way to celebrate LGBTQ history and culture in June

However, numerous events that were scheduled to occur throughout the summer were – and remain –  canceled, including LGBTQ Pride Month parades and walks that were gotten ready for June.

Pride Month, which as a rule sees schedules loaded up with celebrations and in-person social affairs, offers the opportunity for millions inside the network and their partners to accumulate and celebrate being out and proud.

Pride will walk this year, just to an alternate tune.

On account of a large number of events occurring online, the LGBTQ community will at present have the option to associate with commend its versatility, variety, and history.

To help explore what’s happening, “GMA” has gathered together virtual Pride festivities and computerized events occurring all through Pride Month.

Happy Pride!