A tweet came from Reality Steve revealing that the two former Bachelor stars, Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are hanging out together.

The tweet further confirmed that the supposedly most unlikely couple from The Bachelor is currently spending time together in Chris’ home state, Iowa for the past week. Now what brought them together, especially when the whole country is under lockdown, is quite a mystery.

However, Steve made it clear that it was a “random coupling”, and he had no idea whether it’s a serious relationship or about its duration.

During her appearance from the Bachelor, Victoria got a smeared reputation of being a home-wrecker. Chris had to shift from the spotlight since his 2017 deadly crash, which killed a 66-year-old farmer.

Though the two stars have much in common like appearing on The Bachelor and having their reputations tainted owing to the car crash and dishonest relations. Yet they were never imagined to be seen as a couple.

So, when Reality Steve bombed his followers with this news, the tweeter was flooded with queries on how these two got together.