Vanessa Bryant
Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant made a shocking accusation recently. She is the wife of the late basketball player Kobe Bryant. She lost her husband and her daughter Gianna Bryant on the same day. Vanessa spoke out about how her mother Sophia Laine is carrying out some legal procedures against her own daughter. She said that Sophia was making efforts to extort a large sum of money from Vanessa against her wishes.

USA TODAY Sports obtained some documents. Those are the same documents from the court that give an account of the legal situation. The documents were filed in California this Tuesday. Following the information, the reasons placed by Sophia for her demands were that she worked as an unpaid nanny and personal for Vanessa Bryant’s family for a long time. Laine also made the claim that Kobe Bryant had made a promise that he would take care of her until she died.

Vanessa Bryant Lawsuit Backstory

According to the complaints filed against Vanessa, she is not following any promises made by Kobe with regard to her other. It also says that she is making every effort to make sure Sophia is not taken care of like promised. Not only that, but the complaint also states that Vanessa displays no intentions to honor any agreements, representations, or promises of Kobe.

Vanessa Bryant stated that all of these were false claims. She mentioned the fact that she has been supporting her mother for almost 20 years. Addressing Sophia’s claims, she also said that Laine was never made to be a nanny or an assistant to the Bryant family. Vanessa voiced out the fact that she had been a stay-at-home mother for her children.

Kobe and her together raised their children, full-time. The Bryant family arranged residence for Sophia after she informed them that she was out of wealth following her divorce. Sophia was provided to live in the nearby properties of the Bryant’s for almost 20 years.

Vanessa Bryant also mentioned that her 68-year-old mother did watch the grandchildren from time to time, but that was because of the familial relation they shared. It was not counted as working hours. She was not given to take care of any business-related issues.

Vanessa mentioned that Sophia was placing her demands through intermediaries. They were demanding a Mercedes SUV, a house, and 5 billion USD from her. Their daughter said that her mother was disregarding how all these things were negatively affecting her grandchildren.