Using A Good Story To Teach Valuable Lessons

A Short Story With Massive Insight: Teaching Valuable Lessons

Stone Soup is a timeless tale that has actually been re-told in numerous methods. The following is one variation recorded on You Tube:

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The story can be summed up as follows:

Two bedraggled, starving tourists reach a town and gone about knocking on doors to request food. The reactions are diverse however similarly not successful. Some of their knocks on doors merely go unanswered. Other locals address the door however disregard their ask for food. Some reply quickly that they have no food and a couple of discuss that they can not assist due to the fact that they themselves have no food. Eventually, the 2 tourists choose to ask to obtain a pot so that they can make their own well-known soup. They are provided a pot and gone about making their magic stone soup.

The villagers end up being captivated and collect around to see the 2 tourists making their unique soup from boiling water and a stone. The 2 tourists then begin engaging with the crowd by specifying that “a carrot would make their …

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