The US recorded around 1,500 passings from coronavirus over the most recent 24 hours, a drop in the death toll which increased to as high as 2000 in a day half a few weeks back.

As the hardest-hit nation by the coronavirus pandemic, the nation has 1,309,164 cases and more than 80,000 passings as of Sunday morning.

New York is the most noticeably terrible affected state in the whole nation with more than 338,500 affirmed cases of COVID-19, trailed by New Jersey which has more than 137,000 cases.

Regarding deaths, New York has 26,584 passings alone while New Jersey which has 9,116 passings.

The government of President Donald Trump has been criticized over the way where it dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

Previous US President Barack Obama had depicted the present government dealing with the pandemic as an “absolutely chaotic disaster”.

Obama said in an online record the present resident of the White House has made selfishness, tribalism, division and enmity “a stronger impulse in American life,” which has hindered the control of the coronavirus pandemic all around.

However, in a rapid reaction, Trump stated his critics are “stone cold crazy”.

“Why is it that all of the political pundits & consultants that I beat so easily & badly, people that charged their clients far more than their services were worth, have become so totally ‘unhinged’ when it comes to your favorite President, me. These people are stone cold crazy!” stated Trump.