US Department of State to hire adviser to assist in Armenian government’s anti-corruption efforts – Armenian News

The US Department of State intends to hire a special adviser to help the Armenian government in the announced plans to fight corruption in the nation.

The adviser will assist in the authorities’ efforts towards creating anti-corruption agencies and raising the effectiveness of their work (including the formation of an anti-corruption commission), reports, citing a recently released official statement.

The agencies will be tasked with conducting probes in to reported corruption cases, establishing accountability measures against those guilty.

Meantime, the specialist will offer you counseling to the Armenian authorities on the elaboration and implementation of law enforcement reforms. He will collaborate with the Ministry of Justice and other agencies in the sector.

The adviser will simultaneously engage in personnel training, and tech support team to the Ministry, the Commission (after it is created) and other justice institutions, attaching at the same time priority to a high-level combat corruption.

The framework of responsibilities will also range from the organization of Washington-funded trips and training programs for investigators. Only US citizens are eligible to apply for the career.



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