united airlines
united airlines

United Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft suffered an engine failure while lifting off from Denver. The plane carried more than 231 passengers. It forced itself back to Denver airport after the engine caught fire, and passengers were distraught after the scene. None of them were hurt, as per reports. The engines are from Pratt & Whitney that supply engines to several similar aircraft around the world to many airlines. All of the airlines sharing the same engines have taken the decision to ground such flights. 

Boeing is a plane manufacturer from the United States. The 777 modeled aircraft that caught fire was one from them. Hence, they have decided to ground all of their jets with the same engine globally. United Airlines said it would drop 62 planes. Japan’s two important airlines also said it would ground the jets. Korean Air released a statement saying it will drop two of its airplanes. Boeing announced that more than 128 aircraft had been grounded. All of them share the same engine, like the plane in Denver. 

Statements On United Airlines Plane Incident

Boeing issued a statement following the incident that shook passengers of United Airlines. They said that there was an ongoing investigation. They mentioned that they had suspended 777 aircrafts in-service and in-storage: 69 and 59 respectively. The engines that power these models are by Pratt & Whitney called 4000-122 engines. The engine manufacturer said they also had sent a team to help investigators get to the bottom of the incident. 

United Airlines remains the only airline from the United States flying the 777 models. This was reported by the Federal Aviation Administration. South Korea and Japan are the other countries using the model. 

The debris of the flight that caught fire was scattered around a residential area.