Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment Benefits

Gianna Cummings, an American, has recently canceled her doctor’s appointment so she can save the gas expenses. She has also borrowed money and applied to avail food stamps so she can feed her 4 children. She is 25 years old and was a temporary teacher at Sumter County in Georgia before losing her job at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. She has filed for unemployment benefits and is yet to receive the money. If she does not receive her jobless checks soon, she has to forgo Christmas this year.

Cummings is one of the millions of US citizens who have applied for unemployment benefits and have not received a penny of it. It has been a difficult time for everyone in general as people are suffering due to the impact of the pandemic lay-offs and a declining economy.

Delayed Unemployment Benefits Causes Suffering

Since people have not received any unemployment benefits so far, they are ending up borrowing money from known people or draining their savings. Numerous people are thrown out of their houses and are left stranded.

The Covid pandemic has released record levels of unemployment in the US. The rate of unemployment in April was 14.7% that was the highest since the federal government started assembling the data in 1948.

Congress has disclosed that the new stimulus bill has been passed that includes a $900 billion relief package to help improve the economy and provide the much-needed payments.

In case Congress fails to act, the federal unemployment benefits will expire by end-December and almost 12 million Americans will be left without any means of income.

Though there is a massive backlog of payments and the approaching holiday season delay, people are still expecting some relief checks from the government very soon.