Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment Benefits

The relief bill for Covid was issued by the group of bipartisan senators on Monday which seems to be helpful with the unemployment benefits although it is temporary in nature.

In case the ongoing relief package is passed, it will be the very first one since the time the CARES Act was passed in the month of March 2020. It will also mean extending the aid programs that are soon going to expire along with increasing the amount of this weekly benefit by almost $300.

Details On Unemployment Benefits

Other important measures are also being decided upon but this bill will also allow the states to waive the need for self-employed. Contractors, gig workers, and freelancers from repaying the benefits during some severe situations.

This bill will also change some rules in order to allow the workers who had been laid off during the beginning of this year when the pandemic had started to not losing their aid or acquire reduced benefits after one year.

At the present moment, approximately 19 million US citizens are availing of unemployment benefits, as reported by the Department of Labor.

There will be $300 additional benefits each week for four months from 26th December to 19th April. Previously, the CARES Act provided $600 every week which is being boosted now along with an extension in time.

There were several cases of mistaken payments of unemployment benefits in the initial period of the recession. Numerous workers need to repay thousands of dollars that have probably been spent by them already.

Since the economy of the nation has still not been recovered and is crumbling deplorably, many workers are still unemployed. As a result, they would be eligible to receive extended unemployment benefits.