Soon after Quaker Oats announced rebranding of Aunt Jemima on Wednesday owing to its racist history, several others have lined up to review their product names.

As a visible stand against racial bias, Uncle Ben’s Rice Company Mars has decided to scrap its racial logo to “evolve” as a brand. This announcement was made in a statement which also included Mars’ stand in the ongoing fight for social justice.

“Uncle Ben” was an African-American rice farmer, according to The Museum of Public Relations. However, the decision of a makeover came after African-Americans objected to the word “Uncle”, historically used to address enslaved people.

Conagra Brands is also to review the branding of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, as mentioned in a statement made by the company on Wednesday. The company clarifies in the statement that Mrs. Butterworth’s image is supposed to “evoke the images of a loving grandmother”. The current packaging might be viewed as inconsistent with the company values.

B&G Foods also followed. The company, in a statement on Wednesday, has called for an “immediate review” of the packaging of Cream of Wheat brand following the concerns regarding its Chef logo. The company also mentioned that it will do the needful to ensure their brands do not subscribe to systemic racism.

The updated packaging of Quaker Oats, as announced on Wednesday will come out in the last quarter of this year. The revised name can be expected afterwards.