Wouldn’t it be great if we can actually speak out our voice instead of texting? Texting comes with a problem – zero tonality means that if we do make a joke, it doesn’t really land well. In texting, everything appears serious. 

Twitter seemingly understands this problem and so, they are bringing in a new feature. The feature is for the iPhone for now. If you are an iPhone user, you can use voice recording as a tweet. Yes, for iPhone users, Twitter is allowing voice tweets. The feature, as of now, is limited, because Twitter is currently testing it out but and so, all iOS devices do not have this functionality. However, this new voice tweet feature will soon be released across all iOS devices within a few weeks. 

The recording of the tweets will come up in the timeline of your follower along with other text-based tweets. The audio has to be short – the time limit is 140 seconds or 2 minutes 20 seconds. If the time limit exceeds, Twitter will consider the extra as another voice note and will string it together as a threat of voice notes.

How will you do it?

Update your Twitter app, and if you are lucky, you will spot the purple wavelength icon. It should be located beside the camera icon. Tap it and then, tap the red microphone button. Your voice will start recording. Once done, click Done in the top-right corner.

Your Voice Tweet can be decorated further with the Gif or image. And then it will be posted!