In Twitter’s most recent efforts in reining in the spread of fake news, the social media giant has labeled President Trump’s tweet as manipulated. 

The tweet, which has been flagged, shows a video of two kids running. It includes a doctored graphic, “Terrifies toddler (sic) runs from racist baby.” The video clip has been manipulated to look like a broadcast from CNN. The video insinuated that misinformation was being spread by News Networks.  

Earlier today, Facebook too removed some of Trump’s campaign ads because they featured the Mazi symbol. 

Twitter’s decision to crack down on the spread of manipulated media follows Trump’s executive order that grants little to no protection to social media companies with regards to their content. 

In the last couple of weeks, Twitter has started to fact check the President’s tweets. The social media company has also started putting cautions on posts that glorify violence. Furthermore, Twitter has banned sharing any video that is altered to deceive people. 

The video that Trump posted was taken from a Trump supporter meme page. Last time Twitter enforces this policy was when Dan Scavino, White House Sofia media director, posted a doctored video of Joe Biden endorsing Trump. 

Late Thursday evening, Trump posted yet another doctored CNN video clip. He accused journalists of spreading fake news. The video featured CNN’s Jim Acosta speaking, with a label that says, “Trumps Fault? White Man in MAGA Hat Attacks Black Über Driver.”