Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard, former Rep. called democrats and leaders of the tech industry, Adam Schiff and John Brennan ‘Domestic enemies.’ Berman is a former CIA Director. She allegedly said that they pose a far more potent threat to the country than the crowd who raided the Capitol. She expressed disgust and disapproval for the unruly mob that raided the Capitol recently. Tulsi Gabbard also expressed her angst over the proposed Domestic Terror Law that is on its way for her to stay.

Tulsi Gabbard On New Domestic Terror Bill

Tulsi Gabbard went vocal about the proposed New Domestic Terror Bill. It would subject the country to a laser-sharp, KGB like surveillance that is advocated and promoted by the big shots like Brennan and Schiff. She upheld a clip that showed Brennan being vocal, on Biden’s administration. The video had him saying that he was working meticulously, and focusing on ‘insurgency’ issues. 

Schiff introduced a new Bill back in 2019 for the federal offense on domestic terrorism, which was also vulnerable to abuse. To minimize the probability of it being misused, it called for a report about issues relating to civil liberty that arose due to it, to be made public.

Another Bill in 2019, was proposed by Senator Dick Durbin. It called for special offices in departments like the Justice Department and FBI for unfailed monitoring & surveillance of ‘Domestic Terrorist Activities.’

Tulsi Gabbard opposed these policies and made a plea to President Biden to discourage and disband such attempts. The proposed monitoring ows to greater chaos and terrorist activities to be inefficiently to be handled. She also pointed out how it targets civil liberties. And that there was no right to anyone to infringe upon such liberties. Especially because it clearly violates the Constitution of America. And going with it may mean the violation of civil rights on the call of law.