US President Donald Trump has cautioned that upwards of 100,000 people could pass away of coronavirus in the US.

Talking at a two-hour virtual “town hall”, Mr. Trump likewise denied that his government had acted slowly.

More than 67,000 people have already passed away with coronavirus in the United States.

However, Mr. Trump spoke positively thinking about the vaccine, stating that one would be prepared before the current year’s over – though general health specialists trust it will take a year to year and a half.

“I think we’re going to have a vaccine by the end of the year,” he stated. “The doctors would say, well you shouldn’t say that. I’ll say what I think… I think we’ll a vaccine sooner rather than later.”

Among the professionals to conflict with this positive expect is Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US’s top expert on infectious disease, and England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty.

Dr. Fauci has recently said a vaccine will take as long as a year and a half to create, while Professor Whitty stated a month ago that the chances of having a powerful vaccine or other treatment inside the following year were “incredibly small”.

The network meeting including watchers’ questions – was expected to relaunch his presidential battle in lieu of rallies.

President Trump dismissed cases that his administration had failed to act fast enough toward the beginning of the pandemic, saying that they made the best decision.

Rather, he again charged China as they failed to stem the virus spreading: “I think they made a horrible mistake, and they didn’t want to admit it. We wanted to go in. They didn’t want us there.”

Mr. Trump likewise laid a portion of the fault at the entryway of United States intelligence authorities, blaming them for failing to raise awareness about the pandemic until 23 January.